I don’t miss you just your dick tbh




There needs to be a phrase for “I acknowledge your apology and appreciate it but it does not make things better.” instead of just saying “It’s okay.” all the time. 

I recognize the council has made an apology, but given that it is a stupid ass apology, I have elected to ignore it.


thank you director fury


"You don’t count as black or white. You’re like, a mutt"
"You wore braids as a kid,haha you were so ghetto! "
"You don’t count in the family too me-you act too white"
"How is your dad so black and you’re so pale! you must not go outside!"
"No way you’re mixed! you just have to be rican or something! "t black. “yeah but you’re not just white so to everyone else you’re just black”
"your hair is so nappy when you don’t straighten it!"
"I’ve never seen a black girl dye her hair like you"
"you’re the only non-white person here ahahah! " 
"you’re listening to rock? what are you??" I’m mixed,black,dominican,and white. "Shouldn’t you be listening to like,rap or something? and you don’t look latina at all"
"ahahaha Chantel is such a ghetto name! I could tell you’re black from that!"
"wow I hate n*****" uhm…. "well I mean that as in ignorant and annoying,not you. You aren’t a black n****"
"I don’t want to meet your dad if he’s black…"
"you have such a black person nose"
"if you were to realistically cosplay,you should be from the donkey kong games…you look like them"
"You can twerk right!? "
"you act so black when you’re mad!"  
"you’re the whitest black person I know"

most of these were said by people that were close to me-or , acted like it. lol. I’ve gotten a lot more shit recently because my tan goes away in the winter so I look paler than normal,but nobody can ever guess what I am.

I’ve gotten nearly all of these.


ppl who send asks like “youre an asshole” amaze me because its like? do u not think i know im an asshole?? um excuse u, i am the asshole. i am the asshole in chief, leader of the asshole army. i am the leader of the free asshole world. u dont gotta point it out to me.

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Model: Aladora
Photographer: RetroRama
Please do not alter or remove any part of this post. 

This is one of my favorite shots from the pin up girl shoot! 



"big boobs don’t count if you’re fat"

neither does a big dick if half of it is your personality


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ok new rule: if you’re gonna call me “cute” you have to specify whether you mean “cute like a little girl/baby animal” or “cute enough to bang mercilessly”







i think im gonna lay down…………

THE LAW! you all thought i was going to bed! justice never sleeps, haha suckers



Tyler the Creator shielding Girls Generation member Tiffany’s ears so she can’t hear the haters

forever the best photo on the web

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flashback poussey outfit appreciation post

Let me love u bb

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Giuseppe Agnello, Anima e corpo, Resina poliestere, elementi naturali, Dimensioni al vero, 2011, photos courtesy of the Giuseppe Agnello